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Visit Idaho 18 Summers

You only have 18 summers to make the memories your kids will remember for a lifetime. Use that vacation time, and make every summer count.

That's the driving idea behind Visit Idaho's 18 Summers campaign. The time that our children are in our homes is precious short. Last Summer the Idaho tourism department sent a crew of photographers and videographers to follow a family on their North Idaho Summer vacation. Their goal was to capture this family's adventures, experiences and bonding moments that they will remember forever. It was our pleasure to take part in their journey and host them here at the ranch for an All-Inclusive Adventure Vacation.

Check out this video to see their whole North Idaho experience!

Another part of Visit Idaho's project was to interview experts from the tourism industry in the state of Idaho. Check out the video below of Janice and Danielle sharing their love for the state of Idaho and Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. Find out why you should visit Idaho!

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