QuietKat eBikes at the Ranch

two men riding ebikes on a red dirt road

QuietKat eBikes at the Ranch

We are excited to announce a new addition to our menu of Summer and Winter activities here at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. Guided QuietKat eBike tours will be available for our guests to experience. Our Summer guests will have the opportunity to enjoy these bikes as part of our All-Inclusive Guest Ranch Packages. Our Winter guests will have the opportunity to experience truly unique ebike winter rides as an a la carte activity during our Winter ranch vacations.

QuietKat ebikes are built for better access to the great outdoors and geared towards those who want non-obtrusive access to the backwoods. QuietKat ebikes enable people to access the wilderness in a fast, fun and sustainable way. They are engineered for off-road travel, providing portable, stealthy and powerful transportation with less physical effort than a traditional mountain bike.. Lithium-ion batteries supply clean, green and silent power to navigate all types of riding landscapes.

QuietKat is an Eagle Colorado-based advanced Low-Speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV) company that manufactures electric all-terrain mountain bikes. As a company, they are developing initiatives to that will connect the Quietkat brand and philosophy with companies and organizations that are focused on advancing the popularity of cycling, the use of electric bicycles as a clean means of transportation as well as the functional utility that e-bikes can provide as a useful tool. Forest management, trail maintenance, and construction, search and rescue operations, and wilderness conservation are all areas that Quietkat will have a tremendous positive impact.

QuietKat at the Super Bowl

If you are a fan of Super Bowl commercials, you may have already seen a QuietKat eBike. Remember that hilarious Groundhog Day commercial by Jeep. Well, there’s a QuietKat Jeep eBike in that commercial. Check it out!

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