Children's Programs

Kids staying with family at the ranch on our All-Inclusive Package have the opportunity to be involved in one of the most educational and fun dude ranch children’s programs available. This program is designed for kids age 8 – 18. Hands-on experiences with their horse is the centerpiece of this program. Upon arriving at the ranch, children will receive our ranch’s horsemanship manual to help expand their learning experience. The program starts on Monday morning and is concluded on Thursday evening with a horse show, complete with trophies and ribbons. Children will be responsible for their own horse and equipment for the week. They learn horse husbandry skills and equipment care each day building on what they learned the day before. Every morning they will help prepare their horse for the day’s activities. Each day is a new horseback adventure! Children will be able to unplug from technology and connect with nature as they learn about and bond with their horse. Their horse will become a doorway to experiences and achievements in the great outdoors.

Tentative Youth Horsemanship Program Schedule

children standing in line with arms around each other next to a pond


  • Arrival & Check-in
  • Dinner and take a stroll to the meadow to meet the horses
cowgirl teaching child how to saddle a horse at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch Youth Horsemanship Program


  • Breakfast Orientation and basic Horsemanship
  • Horse and tack assignments
  • First riding session – lesson in the arena
  • Lunch
  • Second riding session – continue skills lesson and go on a trail ride.
  • Dinner
  • Archery practice
Children entering outdoor arena


  • Breakfast
  • Third riding session – practice events for horse show
  • Lunch
  • Fourth riding session – Trail Ride
  • Dinner
  • Movie on the lawn
Youth Horsemanship Program with boy saddling his horse
  • Breakfast
  • Prepare for a day-ride to Grouse Creek Falls or Huckleberry Ridge
  • Alternative 1-hour ride and transportation to Grouse Creek Falls for lunch.
  • Lunch
  • Campfire dinner
  • Music around the campfire
  • Boot branding
kids on horses lined up in an arena at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch Youth Horsemanship program
  • Breakfast
  • Cattle Sorting
  • Lunch
  • Crafts
  • Horse-drawn wagon rides
  • Horse show
  • Dinner
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