Horses for Sale

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch Horses for Sale

We are very proud of our four-legged working partners. We maintain a herd of more than 70 registered Quarter horses, Appaloosas, Paints, and half drafts as saddle horses and 5 teams of draft horses who pull our sleigh and wagon rides. Most of the horses are either born and raised right here on the ranch or purchased from other local ranchers.

The horses are worked with and handled at an early age to begin adapting them to their future job on the ranch. As two-year-olds, we begin their official training. We begin by getting them used to the saddle and working them in the round pen on ground work. As three-year-olds, they are started under saddle with work in the arena and short trail rides. We use a training system called the “Basic Handle,” founded by Monte Forman and Pat Wyse. This system creates a safe, responsive, and sensible horse. In addition, we carefully breed and maintain horses that have a disposition that lends itself to the guest ranch industry.

As three and four-year-olds, these horses are used as mounts for our wranglers. Finally, as five-year-olds, they begin their career as mounts for our guests. We use both mares and geldings. The mares are rotated in and out as they produce more offspring for our future string.

From time to time we offer horses for sale who are ready for their own person or a retirement home where they can babysit your children or grandchildren.

We currently have no horses for sale. Please check back again!

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