Meet the Wranglers

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Wrangler Barb


“Hi! My name is Barb Rhodes. I’ve been a wrangler at the ranch since 2006. When I’m not riding, you’ll find me housekeeping. Horses have been my passion since I was old enough to form the word. At the age of 7, I was exploring the woods on horseback with my cousins from dawn till dusk. All my working life has been spent with horses, from the New York racetracks and local riding stables to a large Morgan breeding farm in Colorado. From there I worked my way up to a training position and traveled the show circuit. I’ve lived on the ridge across the meadow from the ranch since 1985. My family lives “off the grid” producing our own electricity. I love my job and truly enjoy meeting and getting to know each and every guest. So come out for a visit. I look forward to meeting you.”
Wrangler Brad


“My name is Brad Yunek and I work for Roley and Janice as one of the wranglers, a mechanic, guitar picker, and a few other odds and ends. The fact is I just keep showing up and they keep giving me things to do. In reality, I’ve had the joy of working for and with two real good friends part-time since 1996 and year-round since 1999. I find great joy in songwriting. I like to put words and notes together and make people think, smile, and cry. You can find a sample of some of the many songs I have written on my website I hope you enjoy. I was born in Rockford, Illinois and raised in California. Susan and I first visited Sandpoint in 1983 and moved here in 1991… just about the time Janice and Roley were getting going with Western Pleasure. For 20 years I made my living as an equipment mechanic. I did pull a 6-month detail as a hand at a cow/calf operation in Walden, Colorado. I had a Grandpa and three uncles who made their livings with harness horses in northern Illinois. Even though I was not around it full time as a youngster, the sounds, smells, and work that goes along with livestock have always brought me comfort and joy. I like to think that I can relate some of that happiness to you as our guests when you join us.”
Wrangler Danielle


“Howdy. My name is Danielle Otis and I have worked at the ranch since about 2001. I started in the “dish pit” in the kitchen and worked my way up. I still have to work in “the pit” every once in a while but now I do everything from hostessing to harnessing horses and working in the office to cooking. My favorite job comes in the summer season when I am a Wrangler full time. Besides having the pleasure of working at the ranch, I also live near by. Roley and Janice are my parents, so I am the fourth generation to live and work at the ranch. I married my high-school sweetheart and we have two beautiful children, Emily and Gabe. I publish a ranch blog “From the Horses Mouth” where you can read about the latest happenings at the ranch. I began riding horses before I could walk and I have been hooked ever since. Horses are one of my greatest passions in life and I love having the opportunity to share that with our guests who visit the ranch. So come join me so we can create your horseback adventure.”
wrangler emma


Howdy y’all! I’m Emma Uecker, and I have been an employee of WPGR since the summer of 2014. I, along with most of us here on the ranch, wear many “hats”. I work in the barn and out on trail rides mostly during the summers, but I also do housekeeping, work in the kitchen, and do whatever odd jobs that need to be done. During the winters, I bounce between kitchen/waitress staff and learning how to drive the draft horses outside. I started my journey with WGPR by taking riding lessons from Janice herself when I was 10 years old. After that, horses immediately became my passion. My first horse, Zipper, was actually one of their horses that I took the majority of my lessons on, rode for their horse camps, and participated in Horse 4-H with. Taking lessons with Janice turned into attending and completing 4 consecutive years of WPGR’s summer Youth Horsemanship Program. After “graduating” from the horse camps, I babysat Danielle’s two adorable kiddos for a few years, which was when I learned how to change diapers, and Danielle gave me some Fiddle lessons in return. When I was 16 years old, I got the call I had been waiting for… the offer to be a Jr. Wrangler for the summer! I was a Jr. Wrangler for the next 3 summers learning the ropes, and in 2017 I became a licensed Wrangler. When I’m not at WPGR, I’m riding my own horses at home which is about 45 minutes south of the ranch. The WPGR staff is my second family, this is my second home, and I truly love my job. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, and I hope to get to know you while sharing this little piece of Heaven with you! Happy trails!
Isaac riding


Hello. I have been employed at the Ranch since 2005. My first job was washing dishes and keeping the wood box full. As the years passed I began taking on more responsibilities and jobs. Now I do pretty much anything you could think of. From taking out the trash to building barns and yes I still have to keep the wood box full. Along with working at the ranch, my wife Libby and I live there as well. Roley and Janice are my parents which means I am a fourth generation rancher. Horses have always been a part of my life, for as long as I can remember I have been riding. Currently, I am a Wrangler and also help train the young horses on the ranch. So come take a ride!
Wrangler Kim


“Howdy Folks”. My name is Kim Dana and I have been working at the ranch since 2011. I started during the sleigh ride season, as one of the drivers. When I’m not driving the drafts you can find me helping where ever the ranch needs an extra hand. During the summer months I trade my driving lines in for a set of bridle reins and the wagon seat for a seat in the saddle as a wrangler. When not at the ranch I am at home, which is south of town. I have been married to a wonderful man; John since 1998 and we have one son named Cody. For as long as I can remember I have been blessed to be involved with horses. I was around 15 when I learned to drive draft horses and I did some showing with them for several years. i had a saddle horse of my own and mainly did trail riding with them; so I can say I grew up with the best of both. Recently I have started learning the discipline of reigning, I am looking forward to all the fun and experience along the way. So there’s a little about me, I am looking forward to meeting you and learning a little about you. See ya’ll soon!
Liz Sleigh Ride


Bio coming soon!


Bio coming soon!