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What Kind of Wildlife Will I See at the Ranch?

What kind of wildlife can you expect to see when you visit the ranch? Folks visiting Western Pleasure Guest Ranch often ask this question. The wildlife of the Pacific Northwest is beautiful and fascinating to observe. From the powerful moose down to the cutest chipmunk. Wildlife that you will frequently see on the ranch are turkey, deer, squirrels, a variety of birds, and coyotes. Wildlife that is less frequently seen or seasonally seen around the ranch are moose, elk, bear, and cougar.

Wildlife at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

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Mornings at the Ranch

January 21, 2019

Every morning the horses anxiously await the arrival of Roley and Isaac with their trailer full of hay. The horses whinny, nicker, and vie for position at the feed manger as they impatiently wait.

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February 28, 2019

We are jumping with excitement to find out that we made it into Sandpoint Living 's "Sandpoint's Finest Awards" final round in TWO categories!

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