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Sleigh Rides - A Nine-Year-Old's Perspective

What is it like to go on a sleigh ride?

Sleigh Rides at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch: a nine-year-old's Perspective

When you go on a sleigh ride, it is an amazing experience. When you get on the sleigh, the driver will introduce themself and the horses. The horses are big and strong and sweet. Some of the drafts you may meet are Cash and Cole, Fancy and Major, Doc and Duke, and Jake and Julie. They will take you through a snowy forest almost white with snow. You can hear the sleigh bells jingling, the sleigh runners sliding through the snow, the snow slipping off branches, and every once in awhile a Chickadee singing, "Chickadee dee dee dee".

The snow on the trees almost looks like the frosting on a cake and when it snows, it feels like you are in a snow globe. You can look out on the snowy landscape and grey sky that look so calm and sleepy. Although the countryside is cold, you are warm and cozy in a wool blanket. When you get back from the ride, you will enjoy creamy hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and fresh-popped buttered popcorn. Best of all is the crackling warm fire in the Great Room of the Lodge where you can sit on a couch, talk, and have fun while you drink hot cocoa and relax in the beautiful, sleepy, pine smelling landscape.

About the Author

Emily lives at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch and is the fifth generation to live on this family ranch. She also represents the seventh generation in her family to live on Gold Creek north of Sandpoint, Idaho. She enjoys riding her horse, Smokey; reading; writing; and swimming. She loves meeting other children who visit the ranch and introducing them to all the fun things you can do on a ranch. When she grows up, Emily wants to run the Ranch.

little girl in cowboy hat holding an orange cat white pony standing next to her with a Christmas wreath around its neck.


  1. Well Emily, youre definitely are gifted at writing! I could feel the atmosphere and felt transported to a Winter Wonderland! You’re describing frosting on a cake and snow globe was perfection! Amazed a 9 year old wrote this. 👍🏻💕

  2. I can’t wait to book a sleigh ride for my family and bring my grandkids to your ranch. We will come this year for sure. Emily’s description sounded so beautiful just like what I’ve always wanted my family to experience.

  3. Perfect description of a sleighride at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.. I haven't been on one for several years but I know it is a memorable experience. And I have no doubt that Emily will someday be running the Ranch!

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