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Goodbye Old Friend

Today is a day I have dreaded. I have known for many years that today would come, but I have always hoped we could put it off just a little bit longer. Today I said goodbye to my old friend. JR Chicka Do was my big, palomino, Quarter Horse gelding and he was Just Right. He was mine for 18 years. When I think of my childhood, JR is in every part of it. In fact, he was there as I navigated all of my adolescent and young adult years. We spent a couple awkward years in Pony Club , all of my 11 years of 4-H and years of teaching other 4-H ers and other horse crazy kids. I spent hundreds of hours and countless horse shows on the back of that big blonde horse. JR saw other horses come and go, he was part of my wedding, he took my daughter for her first ride, her first horse show and taught her to lope just this summer. Twelve years ago JR was diagnosed with Navicular Disease.  We have worked to put off this day since that time. Because of the great work of John Fuller, our farrier, JR spent most of those years pain free and sound. As Fall approached, it became obvious that we could no longer maintain him pain free. JR goes on to wait for me in heaven today. I was blessed to have the many years with him that I have had and I will forever be thankful for him. JR was practically perfect in every way. He was my teacher, partner, student, friend and great source of joy. Daddy, thank you for letting me steal your horse from you all those years ago.

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