Welcome to the Barn Cam

Barn Cam

Welcome to the Western Pleasure Guest Ranch foaling cam! This barn cam will be active during our 2020 foaling season. This year we have three pregnant mares. The first, Pali, is due to foal on April 28th. Rosie is due May 16th and Julie is due May 24th. The cam will run throughout our foaling season.

In the Spring of 2019, we had 2 mares due to foal. We were pleased to welcome two fillies to the ranch; a palomino and a buckskin who we named Bobbin and Button.

In the Spring of 2018, we had 5 mares in foal. All foaled out without mishap. We had two maiden mares in that bunch so we were happy that they took right to motherhood. Our five 2018 foals are healthy and growing like weeds!

We had just one foal in the spring of 2017. Friday gave birth to a beautiful black with blanket and spots stud colt. “Ned” as we call him around the barn, is a very friendly and curious little guy with lots of personality. Guests enjoy our dinners around the campfire when Ned comes out on the lawn and joins us for dinner eating grass alongside the picnic tables.

All four of our 2016 expecting mares foaled successfully and our four foals are growing up happy and healthy.

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63 comments on “Barn Cam”

    1. Oh man! I missed it! Congratulations! I've been watching all weekend and of course she sneaks it in. Can't wait to see her!

  1. I was watching Pali up until about midnight when she turned toward the stall and walked in with her tail raised. Hoping all goes well!

  2. Any updates on Pali? The kids and I have been anxiously checking the camera ever since we left the ranch on Sunday!

    1. Hi Janice & Danielle: I've been watching Pali in anticipation of the new foal. Any imminent signs that she's ready?? She's sure looks quite large and the foal is very low in the belly. Hoping for a successful birth!

  3. I can’t believe it- I follow y’all on Instagram and just saw your post about the live cam link, I followed it here and guess what!!!! I clicked on just in time to watch her foal ? Thanks so much! The baby’s an adorable wiggly one ♥️ And I hope all goes well!!!!

    1. Baby was born around 3:00. It went pretty fast. Next in the foaling pen is Julie one of our draft mares. Her due date was yesterday, so it could be anytime. We will move her sometime this afternoon.

      1. Julie had me excited this morning when I got up - she was lying down, thought something was going to happen. Maybe tonight. Probably while I'm sleeping. LOL

  4. Pali is at 341 days gestation today. Most mares foal from 330 - 345 days. I really thought we were going to do it last night, so maybe tonight.

  5. All of our mares have foaled for the 2016 year. We have 3 colts and 1 filly who are happy, healthy and growing like weeds!

    1. Your 4 babies are getting big! So adorable and healthy! Miss you all and am looking forward to East Side Quilt Retreat 2017!!
      Sherri Gittel

    1. Where do all the new mamas and their foals go after they leave the foaling pen? Is there a nursery pasture?

      1. Right now Julie and Spidarman are at the breeder. The other two mares and foals are out in the pasture. Check out our facebook page (Western Pleasure Guest Ranch) for a super cute video of Wonder Women experiencing her first plunge in the water.

  6. OMG, my sister-in-law, Dyan Graham-Schecterson, sent me the link to Barn Cam. While working from home today, I logged in JUST IN TIME to see the foal being born!!! You were all amazing, right on it too! I saw that you checked the placenta.....and helping baby to his/her feet.....showing him/here where to suckle...and the mare--WHAT A GREAT MAMA!!!! Amy Schecterson LOVES the barn-cam!

  7. Just a dog getting a midday snack. lol I wonder how many times my dogs visit the corral without my knowledge and try to give me kisses?

  8. Hi Annie,
    still no foal from Lady. The cam had some slight glitches, but should now be up and running again.

  9. Beautiful baby! Snip and Ranger did amazing! Congratulations on your lil one! What a dandy !

  10. Well Snip is still making us wait. We keep seeing more signs of the closeness of the arrival. Keep watching!

  11. You may have noticed that there is a new resident in the foaling pen! Snip has now taken up residence in the foaling pen. She is due to foal any day now.

      1. Hi Sherri,
        Yes we were able to see the birth on the barn cam. although she was facing the camera so it wasn't the best view. Mom (Janice) was there at the barn with Julie.

  12. Hey girl! I see you are still tricking us.LOL Our quilters will be watching you from afar. I miss your morning snuggles.
    Sherri Gittel

    1. Danielle says I should call you Sami instead of Sammy. I moved the view back outside. Trying to follow her while I'm watching.

  13. We are back up and running with a new camera! We hope you enjoy the better picture and hopefully we will be able to see what Julie is up to at night.

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