A New Horseback Riding Arena

Isaac and the chainsaw

A New Horseback Riding Arena

A new, bigger and better horseback riding arena is in the works at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. Our current outdoor arena, although adequate for our current horseback offerings, leaves little room for the growing list of horseback arena activities we have rolling around in our heads.  Also, we’re just not very good at standing still.  So onward the yellow Caterpillar rolls, its driver skilled and fixed on his goal to mold the landscape in preparation for a bigger and better arena. Your horseback riding vacation horizons are about to get a little bit bigger.

Arena locatio
The arena will be located in this group of trees. There is a lot of work to do here.
Arena location day 1
The arena location looking east on day one of site preparation.
Day two arena site prep
Day two of arena site preparation looking north toward the future arena.
Day 3 of Arena Prep
Day 3 of the arena site prep. Looking east, the area is beginning to open up.
Day 5 arena site prep
The Cat and driver are working hard to remove stumps from the arena site.
Day 5, Isaac and the chainsaw
Day 5: Isaac working on a cedar log that is laying in, what will be the middle of the arena.
Isaac and the chainsaw
Isaac and his chainsaw are hard at work.
Day 5 work continues
The stump removal work continues on day five.
Stump removal
The root system of a tree is amazing. They are so strong! Its amazing to think that a strong wind can blow them over.
Stump removal success
Day five stump removal success!
Stump Crater
Janice, Emily and Gabe stand in the crater that was once a white fir's root system.
Day 6 arena project
The work continues on day 6. The outdoor riding arena location is starting to open up.
  • Phil Towne
    Posted at 18:55h, 06 October Reply

    Sure hope you plan on updating the pics for this project. Issac told me a little on how the triangle was cleared out years ago.
    And even though this may be a different kind of project, the legacy he’s helping create will be enjoyed by many people to come!
    (Does Issac get to run the cat)?

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