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A New Horseback Riding Arena

A new, bigger and better horseback riding arena is in the works at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. Our current outdoor arena, although adequate for our current horseback offerings, leaves little room for the growing list of horseback arena activities we have rolling around in our heads.  Also, we’re just not very good at standing still.  So onward the yellow Caterpillar rolls, its driver skilled and fixed on his goal to mold the landscape in preparation for a bigger and better arena. Your horseback riding vacation horizons are about to get a little bit bigger.


  1. Sure hope you plan on updating the pics for this project. Issac told me a little on how the triangle was cleared out years ago.
    And even though this may be a different kind of project, the legacy he's helping create will be enjoyed by many people to come!
    (Does Issac get to run the cat)?

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