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Ranch Adventure and a Winter Storm Warning

This Idaho dude ranch is certainly a winter wonderland right now!  It isn’t uncommon to see winter storm warnings in the Panhandle of Idaho. Whoever the Idaho weatherman is, he is a little bit like the boy who cried wolf. Generally, these “winter storm warnings” mean the ranch can expect 4-6 inches of snow; not what I would call a “storm”. However, this time, the weatherman meant what he said. In the last three days, we have experienced snowfall in excess of 24 inches and it is still coming down!

Here in North Idaho, we are accustomed to reasonable amounts of snowfall in the range of 4-12 inches at a time.  Our cross country ski, snowshoe, fat bike, and sleigh ride guests enjoy nearly 20K of groomed Nordic trails because of these moderate snowfalls. The snowfall that we have received in the last three days would not be considered moderate.

The snow removal team has been working all day long for nearly 3 days straight to shovel roofs, plow roads and horse pens, snow-blow walkways and do it all over again as more snow arrives. But all this snow doesn’t mean just work. No, the opportunities for ranch adventures are just beginning! With lots of snow, comes lots of snow sports activities! As I write this, the nordic trails are being packed so they can be groomed and ready for ranch adventure enthusiasts who cross country ski, snowshoe, fat bike, or sleigh ride on their Idaho vacation or just after they get off work.

So come out to explore Western Pleasure Guest Ranch, the north Idaho winter wonderland, and experience your own ranch adventure by ski, snowshoe, fat bike, or sleigh. Check out our Nordic Trails page for trail updates or give us a call at (888) 863-9066. We are looking forward to sharing our guest ranch adventures with you!

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