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Who Takes Those Pictures?

Keeping up active Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts require a large collection of images to choose from. We are often asked, “who takes all your pictures?”. The majority of the photos we share both on social media and our website are the creative work of three photographers; Libby Schoonover, Danielle Otis, and Amy Peterson.

Libby is the farmer’s daughter who married the rancher’s son.  She lives here on the ranch and is married to Roley and Janice’s son, Isaac.  When Libby is out and about on the ranch, she always has her camera close by to capture the everyday happenings on the ranch.  She shares her ranch life on her Instagram account, @libbytherancherswife.

Danielle is Roley and Janice’s daughter.  She grew up on the ranch and now lives close by with her husband and two children. She has a deep love and appreciation for the ranch that runs 7 generations deep. She loves sharing ranch history and western lifestyle with folks who visit. She also shares a glimpse into life on the ranch on her Instagram account @iloveiliveiride.

Amy grew up in the mountains of North Idaho which provided her with great photo opportunities right out her back door.  Her passion is lifestyle and environmental portraiture in rural settings. You will most likely find her spending time in the saddle, up on a ridge, in my tree stand, or out at the barn with my camera in hand. Her hope is to portray the lifestyles that many don’t see anymore and help preserve the rural heritage of our land through photography.

Libby Schoonover

Find her on Instagram at @libbytherancherswife
Purchase prints at

Danielle Otis

Find her on Instagram at @iloveiliveiride
Purchase prints at

Amy Peterson - Selkirk Ridge Photography

Find her on Instagram at @selkirkridgephotography
Visit her website


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