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What's Happening at the Ranch?

Although based on the calendar we are in the last stretch of Winter with just a month left until the arrival of Spring, you wouldn't know it looking out the large windows at the front of the lodge here at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.  The snow is piled high after the latest round of Winter storms.

North Idaho has a way of keeping out on your toes when it comes to Winter weather. Trying to describe a "normal" Winter in Idaho's Panhandle is like trying to predict where the next gofer hole in the field will bust through. Today my phone reminded me of photo memories from four years ago. We were riding horses and watching the green grass start to grow. Currently, the now is at three feet deep. But that just means we have more time to enjoy the still, quiet, white of this Winter wonderland.

The Nordic Trails are in fantastic shape with groomed corduroy and plenty of sunshine. Our snowshoe trail has been re-cut in and sleigh bells continue to ring as folks enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride on the ranch. We take full advantage of what every season has to offer.

But I must admit that a cowgirl starts gettin' an itch this time of year that's hard to settle. With a few months of Winter under our belt and snow so high you can't take a horse anywhere but a groomed or plowed path, I start dreaming of some wide open spaces places to ride other than the confines of a covered arena. But the snow is still here so I will continue to enjoy the season for what it offers and make my plans for horseback adventures in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

So, here's your invitation to join me here at the ranch in skiing, snowshoeing, or sleigh riding while the Winter weather lingers. With snow decorating the branches of the trees and the sun shining through the puffy clouds, it isn't just the crisp air that takes your breath away. A secondary invitation I will extend to plan your Spring, Summer, and Fall adventures on the ranch. I look forward to seeing you here at the ranch whether the season is warm or cold.

Barn in the snow storm
Little cowboy in the winter
scenic snow

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