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Urgent News Bulletin

Urgent News Bulletin: Santa's eight tiny reindeer have all contracted Arctic Reindeer Fever and will therefore be unable to pull Santa's sleigh to deliver toys for Christmas.  The backup team has been called in from the Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.  Santa's team this year will be as follows:

Andy- 31 year old, veteran team leader.
Larry- Wheel horse and Veteran team member.

Lady- A new recruit just in from Michigan. Wheel horse.

Taga: She is here to add some color to the hitch.

Dazzle: The hungry one. She will only be participating if we can get her away from the hay.

Love Bug- The cute one.

Flash - Rudolph's replacement.

Friday- The grumpy one.
No, now she's the happy one! Maybe its the pregnancy hormones.

As an added reminder, please do not be alarmed if, instead of the pitter patter of eight tiny reindeer hooves, you hear the clip clop of 11,000 pounds of horse flesh on your roof Christmas morning. 

From all the staff and horses at  Western Pleasure Guest Ranch, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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