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The Bigger the Horse the Bigger the Heart

Amos and Andy were the best team of Percheron draft horses a person could ever hope to have. Amos was the motivated half of the team and Andy would rather just eat hay. They knew their job and they did it well. They taught all of us here at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch how to drive a team.

We lost Amos a few years ago at the ripe old age of 28. Andy is enjoying retirement and is currently the oldest horse on the ranch at 30 years young.

Andy misses Amos, his life long working partner, but has adjusted to life without Amos. In the winter, Andy has a private stall and run with a special diet of equine senior and hay pellets. In the summer, he has a part time job  babysitting the youngsters in one of our green pastures.

Andy loves any special attention he can get, especially if it involves a treat. So when you stop by the ranch be sure to find Andy and give him a scratch and a treat. Just make sure it's a soft treat, he's an old man and doesn't have many teeth left.

Emily giving Andy a little love.
Andy- 30 years old and on a diet of grain and hay pellets and looking pretty good. 
Andy enjoying some down time in his winter pen.
A memorial to Amos and Andy in the hallway at the Western Pleasure Guest Ranch lodge.

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