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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...You Are REALLY Big!

Today was Christmas tree decorating day.  We started by going on a tree hunt.  Mom, Isaac, Libby (who was car ridden because of her recent knee surgery), me and my kids, Emily and Gabe headed out in the Jeep in search of the perfect Christmas Tree for the Lodge's Great Room.  We came to an immediate, unanimous decision of this lovely tree we found out back.
I would like to introduce to you, the 2014, Western Pleasure Guest Ranch Christmas Tree. Its a good size, right? Not too big, not too small.  Just right for the lodge.

Dad and Isaac took the tractor out to harvest our perfect Christmas tree. OK, maybe its a little bit bigger than we thought it was.

OK, it's way bigger than we thought it was.  I dub thee, Mega Tree!  At this point in the "bring the tree inside" process, Mega Tree got stuck...wedged I should say. It took some serious finagling and a rope to get it free. Parts of Mega Tree were harmed in the moving of Mega Tree.

Kim was pushing while dad, Isaac and I pulled.

After getting un-stuck on the deck, we rounded the corner and pulled Mega Tree through the front doors. Thank goodness for double doors!

Mega Tree making its entrance into the Great Room.
This is my mom and Mega tree.  Mom is 5'2" tall.  Mega Tree is 18' tall and 16' wide.

Isaac attempting to cut some mass off of Mega Tree.

Mega Tree - 1, Isaac- 0

My son, Gabe, is very proud of Mega Tree.

And his awesome seat.

Dad brought out the pack saw to do a little trimming on Mega Tree.

Gabe and Emily helped.

We put lights on the top of Mega Tree so we wouldn't have to put them on after the tree was up.  So far, getting Mega Tree off the floor is not looking very promising.  Do you think we could just leave it there?

Dad has a plan! He installed a pulley system to help pull the tree up. Thank goodness for cowboy ingenuity!

This was my view during the raising of Mega Tree.

Success! Thanks to the pulley, we raised Mega Tree with just mom, dad, and myself.

We tied off Mega Tree so it doesn't fall on any unsuspecting dinner guests. Now you can eat your dinners in peace.
We now take a break from Mega Tree to decorate the upstairs tree. This tree is much, MUCH smaller and more manageable. This is the man crew after stringing lights on their "blue man tree".

Back to Mega Tree. It took some serious creativity, and a really long stick to decorate the top of this tree.

The peanut gallery watched as we decorated.

Another project going on in the great room was dissecting old Christmas decorations to use elsewhere in the lodge.

We are almost done!


Presenting... Mega Tree upright and decorated in the Great Room of the lodge at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.  I am so proud!
Aunt Sandy and mom were the lead decorators on this project. A job well done ladies!

When the work is through, it is time to sit back, relax, and play some dominoes.

If you would like to come see Mega Tree for yourself, come visit the ranch for a sleigh ride, dinner, overnight stay, dinner show, or Christmas Tree of your very own.

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