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Lucky Ned Pepper On Summer Pasture

During the summer months, our youngsters spend their time out on pasture growing, maturing, and picking on each other. Our 2017 colts, Lucky, Ned, and Pepper are a great group of yearlings that we are very excited about. They each have the quiet, friendly disposition that makes a fabulous ranch horse and they have the size and build that makes them perfect for our herd.

With the wise guidance of their babysitter horse hopefully, they will learn some valuable life lessons during their summer pasture time. Lucky, Ned and Pepper’s babysitter for the summer is Bud, our 25-year-old retired Shire. Bud spent 20+ years pulling sleighs and wagons here on the ranch and is now enjoying his retirement which includes eating green grass and hanging out with three hyperactive, hormonal teenage boys (aka yearling colts). Bud takes his job pretty seriously; especially the eating part but his strong, steady, quiet presence will have a significant influence on the colts as well.


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