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I'm dreaming of a white Christma.....wait...what?!
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I woke up this morning and looked out my window to find that our little piece of paradise was once again wrapped in a blanket of fluffy white snow.  It’s the perfect Christmas postcard scene here in North Idaho. 
Now, I have to admit that I was beginning to decide that spring was going to come a little bit early this year.  Yes, I believed the little rodent that popped his fuzzy little head out of his hole on February second and didn’t see his shadow.  “Hurray!”,  I thought.  Spring was coming early!  My main motivation for being super excited about the idea of spring arriving early was, of course, horseback riding. 
When winter moves into Western Pleasure Guest Ranch, the sleighs also move into our indoor arena.  That means no riding until sleigh rides are finished for the winter season.  I am usually the one looking most forward to the snow retreating and the sleighs going into storage so I can get back to riding in the arena.
So, for those snow enthusiasts; you can still glide on a one (or two) horse open sleigh through a winter wonderland here in the northernmost parts of Idaho.
Did you know that we have almost 10 miles of groomed Nordic ski trails? It’s true.  The cross country ski trails are groomed and ready for classic, skate skiing or snow shoeing as well.  The views along the trails are breathtaking and it’s a fun way to get a little workout.  This winter sport is about to win me over as a winter lover.
Spring has not yet sprung at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch, but the joys and comforts of winter are still to be had.  And now, I think I will cozy up by the fire, eat some popcorn and sip a cup of steaming hot chocolate.

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