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Has Spring Sprung in North Idaho?

Has spring sprung here in North Idaho? Well no. The only thing you can be sure of about the weather around here is that every year it will be different. So if someone tells you, “winters in Idaho are mild”, or “Idaho winters are treacherous”, don’t believe them. The truth is, we never know what to expect! One winter may bring skiffs of snow and horseback rides on dry ground by Valentines Day. Others lead you to believe that earth’s pole has shifted and a new ice age has begun.

For now we have too much ice and too little snow for sleigh rides or horseback rides. Those of you who love to ski, however, are in luck! Schweitzer still has some of the best snow-pack in the nation with 92 runs and 8 lifts open for traffic. Rumor has it that snow is on the horizon so don’t give up on your cross country skiing, snowmobiling or sleigh riding winter get-a-way plans. According to the Weather Channel, the Sandpoint area should see snow in the air beginning Sunday. The chance of precipitation rises as the week goes on, however so do the temperatures. The average yearly temperatures for the following week (Jan. 22-28) range from 54oF to -22oF. So if you are visiting the area or a seasoned native, plan on warm sunny days spent outside enjoying the fantastic scenery, or bitter cold spent inside stoking the crackling fire, drinking warm hot coco, and counting the layers that you will need to prevent frostbite.

Don’t let the diversity of the weather scare you away. It is these changes that amplify the beauty, wonder, and adventure that is North Idaho. No matter what season you choose to visit, summer; winter; fall; spring or mud, you are sure to be enchanted by what I believe to be the most beautiful place on God’s green earth.

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