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Authentic Travel

“Authentic” is a major buzzword in the vacation and recreation world right now. Today’s traveler wants to experience an authentic African Safari, authentic Mexican food, a tour of authentic Irish castles, and yes, even an authentic tour of Brooklyn graffiti. To be immersed in a culture or location, leaving behind that which one came to escape; that is when today’s traveler feels they have experienced something authentic.

Authentic Travel Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

What is Authentic travel? The way that we travel is changing. It is no longer just a site seeing tour. Authentic travel is about the experience. It is not enough just to see the Eiffel Tower, or look at the sea creatures through the glass at aquarium. An authentic experience happens when you get  to the top of that tower and swim with those fish, dolphins or shark in the aquarium.

Adam Sachs, wrote on,

“It’s not enough to sever ties with our own daily lives; we need to connect with others. We seek the real—to feel that we’ve been truly transported to a definite somewhere rather than the vague, dizzying nowhere of shuffling through airports.”

Authentic Travel Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

An authentic travel experience isn’t only about the destination, location, or culture to which you are traveling. An authentic experience is also about you. What can a tourist do to help keep their vacation authentic? First, don’t enter your travel experience with the attitude of a tourist, enter into it with the attitude of a guest.  In a truly authentic setting, you are a guest in that culture, not a tourist looking at the culture. Second, find the locals. What is local? Sachs goes on to describe a “local”:

“Just living somewhere doesn’t qualify you for the job. Being a local requires more than knowing how to read a map (there’s an app for that). The kind of local we want to meet is someone with a take on a place, a story to tell, a passion or particular expertise—all linked to where we are.”

Find that person with a passion for the location or culture in which you traveled. If you can find this true local, their passion for their location, culture, or lifestyle will overflow and you will have before you a wealth of insider information; authentic information.

So what makes a dude ranch vacation at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch an authentic western vacation? First, the location. Hidden away in the foothills of the Cabinet Mountains are 1100 acres of ranch land, conserved for generations to come, where the western lifestyle has been lived for almost 100 years. The ranch is managed so that the timber, wildlife, and grazing land remain healthy for the enjoyment of our family and guests and out of respect for God’s green earth.  Second, our ranch is authentic because of the people who live and work here.  With roots going back 7 generations and almost 100 years, our passion for this place is self-evident.  Our employees are true north Idaho locals who love where they live and sharing it with others in what they do. You won’t have to look very far to find a true local with a wealth of authentic, insider information here.

The word “authentic” is defined as “representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or to the person identified”. It is always our goal to represent our ranch as it truly is and to stay true to our history and family heritage. When you visit Western Pleasure Guest Ranch, you can be sure that you will experience an authentic Idaho dude ranch vacation.

Authentic Travel Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

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