Meet Your Mount

We are very proud of our four legged working partners. We maintain a herd of more than 50 registered Quarterhorses, Appaloosas, and Paints for our saddle horses as well as one team of Belgian Percheron crosses, three teams of Percherons and one team of 1/4 Percheron for our sleigh and wagon rides. Most of the horses are either born and raised right here on the ranch or purchased from other local ranchers. The horses are worked with and handled at an early age to begin adapting them to their future uses. As two-year olds, we begin their official training, getting them used to the saddle and working them in the round pen. They then graduate to the arena, and then to some short trail rides. We use a training system called the “Basic Handle,” founded by Monte Forman and Pat Wyse. This system creates a safe, responsive, and sensible horse. Of course, we carefully breed and maintain horses that have a disposition that lends itself to the guest ranch industry.

As three and four year olds, these horses are used as mounts for our trail guides. Then, as five year olds, they begin their career as mounts for our guests. We use both mares and geldings and rotate mares in and out as they produce more offspring for our future string. Here’s more information about each horse:

Holis Peppy Dun

“Pepsi” is a Dun Quarter Horse gelding born May 2, 2009. We purchased Pepsi in the spring of 2011 and started working with him right away. This guy looks like he will have a lot of athletic ability and a sweetheart disposition.

Sonoita Han Barney

“Hancock” is a bay Quarter horse gelding born February 24, 2009. We purchased him in the spring of 2011 and he is coming along great. Come see how this little guy is doing this summer at the ranch.

Disco Potato

“Turbo” is an Appaloosa gelding born in 2008 and was purchased in the fall of 2010 from Talea Metivier of Riding Spots Ranch. Roley started Turbo in March of 2011 so look for him riding Turbo this summer.

KT Double the Chrome

“Slick” is a 2005 model Quarter Horse Gelding that came from the KT Ranch. This great little gelding came to stay at the ranch in the spring of 2013 and immediately showed great personality, athletic ability, quiet manner and learning attitude.


This non-colored Palomino appy is a 2005 model who belongs to Melissa. Don’t get him confused with his Dam, Peaches. He has her looks, good size and sweet attitude. Come see this big yellow horse this summer.

High Speed Hotrod

“Hotrod” is a colorful Appaloosa gelding born in 2004. He is #9 of Katie’s offspring. He displays that same great disposition that Katie’s babies always have.

Jesses Lil Bo Badger

“Billy” is a Quarter Horse gelding born May 8, 2003. If you happen to see him at the ranch, take the time to hear the stories of this daredevils near death experiences. He has the “battle wounds” to prove it. His rugged masculinity is only enhanced by his scars.


“Hank” is an Appaloosa gelding born in 2008. Hank came to the in the summer of 2013. This boy has a lot of potential and athleticism, and we look forward to watching him learn and grow.

SQH Blue Boys Image

“Blue” is a blue roan Quarter Horse Gelding born in 2006. He is now ready and willing to show our guests around the ranch.

SQH Dusti Blue Boy

“Dusty” is the half brother to Blue and was also born in 2006. Just like his brother, Dusty looks forward to giving you a tour of the ranch.

Heeza Ka Do Last Chance

“Chance” is the tenth and final foal of Katie, the ranch matriarch. He is an Appaloosa gelding born April of 2006. Chance has grown to be the tallest of our saddle horses, standing 16.2 hands tall. If you are lucky enough to ride this big guy you are sure to have an amazing view!

Lil' Horse
Lil Horse

Lil’ Horse is a roan, Pony of the Americas mare born around 1999. Danielle purchased her in the fall of 2009 as a green broke prospect horse. Lil’ Horse has turned out to be an extremely athletic and talented little horse with a lot of go. You are sure to see Danielle riding her in the arena or on the trail if you visit, as Danielle has hi hopes that Lil’ Horse will go far with more time and training.

Idaho Red Chick

“Red” is a red roan Appaloosa gelding born in 1999. This tall guy is hard working and is willing to do whatever you ask of him. Red is the favorite of many of our returning guests and wranglers.

Burts Paint Cowboy

“Curly” is a paint gelding born on Janice’s brother’s ranch in 1991 and brought to live and work on our ranch in 1995. Curly has been the favorite of many guests who visit the ranch over the years, but none compare to Curly’s biggest fan Suzanne, who visits him regularly from New York.

Doc's Hopeful Remedy

“Doc” is an Appaloosa gelding born in May of 1999; the fifth foal of Katie, the ranch matriarch. Doc is a big friendly horse that is sure to make any rider’s horseback adventure a great one.

Breezes Nut N Honey

“Honey” is a sorrel, Quarter Horse mare born in 1995. This little horse has proven to be worth her wait in gold. You are sure to see her taking the most excellent care of our smallest riders during our summer horse camps. However, she can put the petal to the metal for those who know how to ask or to chase down a rough cow.

Dun Good on Friday

“Friday” is another of Katie’s babies born Friday, May 13, 2001 which also happened to be Good Friday. This pretty mare is a Roan colored Appaloosa who is as gentle and sweet as they come. Friday has retired from her job of taking people on rides and is now busy raising babies.

Katie's Dun Deal

“D.D.” is an Appaloosa mare born May 16, 1996, the third foal of Katie, the ranch matriarch. This easy going mare is kind and gentle; the perfect horse if you are a first timer, or if you are just a little nervous to saddle up. D.D. is sure to make your horseback experience a real pleasure.

Dazzle's Palomino Chick

“Pali”, the daughter of Dazzle, is a Palomino Appaloosa mare born here at the ranch on May 21, 2001. This little mare has gorgeous color, is athletic, and is ready and willing to do whatever you ask of her. Enjoy a relaxed, scenic ride down the trail or bring in a herd of cattle on Pali.

Little Van Duhon

“Beau” is a Quarter Horse gelding born May of 2010. We are excited to see how this little guy will mature. Expect to see wranglers riding him in the summers to come.

KT Comet Starlight

“Rusty” is a Quarter Horse gelding born in April of 2010. Roley started him under saddle as a two year old and we look forward to seeing him progress in his training. In the summer months, you are sure to see wranglers riding this nice fellow down the trail.

Mardi Gras Magic

“Dudley” is an Appaloosa gelding born in 2009. This flashy boy came to live at the ranch in 2013 an instantly stole the hearts of everyone. In his younger days, he competed quite successfully at the Appaloosa World Show in halter classes. Dudley is a sweet boy who is willing, talented, beautiful and a super smooth ride. You are sure to see Janice riding him this summer when you visit the ranch!

CR Maximum Dream

“Max” is 2001 model Appaloosa gelding. This boy is great for riders of all experience levels, but is especially good at making nervous riders feel comfortable with his quiet, easy-going manner.


Jet is a Percheron/Morgan cross gelding. This big guy is hard working and easy going. Jet is nearly 17 hands tall so you are sure to have a great view if you have the pleasure of riding him while visiting the ranch.

KT Docs Just Peppy

This is a colt we are buying from the KT Ranch. KT Docs Just Peppy is a fancy colt by Just Plain Starlight and out of Docs Peppy Anna. Docs Peppy Anna is by Little Peppy Conger who is an NCHA money earner of $9,184.08. He has his NCHA Certificate of Ability, 1993 NWCHA Reserve Champion Open Horse LTE over $25,000. He is a son of Peppy San Badger. Little Peppy Conger’s dam is Patty Solano has won $5,520.53 in NCHA and has won her COA. Just Plain Starlight is a son of Tamalight and is out of Wright on Sugarnic, winning of the Cascade Cutter’s Futurity. This is a great pedigreed colt with a pedigree including Tamalight, Lenas Wright On, Little Peppy Conger, Patty Solano and more. He has a big blaze, a white sock and roaning through his body and a coon tail. He is VERY uniquely colored. He was born 5/12/12.

KT Colonel of Chrome

Another KT Ranch colt. KT Colonel of Chrome is by Just Plain Starlight, and is he a fancy one. He is out of one of their favorite broodmares, KT Copper Doc Comet. He was born on 4/10/12. Comet was shown and ranch ridden and is a BIG mare. This is a big boned, great pedigreed colt with a pedigree including Tamalight, Sizzlin Hot, Lenas Wright On, Docs Dee Bar, King, Ed Echols. Lots of the modern breeding combined with some old greats. This should be a great cross with cow ability on both sides as well as agility. This colt has a big blaze with a spot in it, a dash over one eye and 4 tall stockings. NFQHA eligible.

KT King George
King George

KT King George is a chestnut colt That we are purchasing from the KT Ranch.He is out of Captains Double Coy and KT Copper Queen Cleo. This is a colt that is a 4th generation foal they have raised. “Double” is an outstanding stallion that really puts his stamp on his foals. His foals are really easy to break and are really cowy. Double tends to throw a huge hipped foal, with lots of instant speed when needed. Perfect for performance and ranch work. His breeding includes Major Bonanza, Major King, Docs Dee Bar, Ed Echols and more. He was born 4/3. 83% NFQHA

Queen and Justice
Queen and Justice

This pair of Percheron mares teamed up in the fall of 2013 when Queen first arrived at the ranch. True to the Percheron breed, this pair are truly hard working, gentle giants.

Jake and Julie
Jake and Julie

This team of 2010 Percheron/Belgian cross drafts came to the ranch in the fall of 2013. We look forward to watching this pair mature as they work pulling sleighs and wagons at the ranch.

Louie and Lonestar
Louie and Lonestar

This team of 2008 Percheron drafts came to the ranch in the fall of 2015 and are our biggest team yet. We are excited to have these big boys taking our guests on sleigh rides and wagon rides.

BC and Albert

BC and Albert are 2011 and 2008 model 1/4 Percheron geldings. These boys are just the right size to pull sleighs in the winter and be saddle horses in the summer. Look for this team to be pulling our smaller sleigh on winter sleigh rides and taking guests on trail rides in the summer.


Gordon is a 2009 Bay Leopard Appaloosa gelding that we purchased in the fall of 2015. Gordon is a big boy with some very flashy color. Look for the wranglers to be riding Gordon on your summer visit to our Idaho Dude Ranch.

Empress Select

Rosie is a 2008 Bay mare that we purchased in the fall of 2015. Rosie has a sweet face and willing attitude. The wranglers will be riding this girl while she learns how to be an awesome horse for our guests to ride.

Lady and Fancy
Fancy and Lady

Lady and Fancy are a team of grey Percheron mares that we purchased in the fall of 2014. This pretty team is great to work with and you are sure to enjoy a sleigh ride pulled by these girls.

Katie June
Katie June

Katie June was born here on the ranch on June 29, 2015 and is named after her grandmother Katie, our ranch’s herd matriarch. Her dam is Friday, one of our favorite mares that we have raised, making Katie June a third generation horse here at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. We look forward to watching this little filly grow!


Smokey is a 2010 AQHA gelding. He came to the ranch in the fall of 2014 at about the same time Danielle lost her childhood horse, JR. Danielle quickly bonded with Smokey following the loss of her beloved horse and Danielle has brought Smokey along nicely in his training. Smokey is a character and loves apples. He will even fetch them!

KT Ride This Chevy

Chevy is a 2013 Palomino gelding that we purchased from the KT Ranch. We started Chevy under saddle in the spring of 2015 and are looking forward to watching this horse learn and grow.

Inclusive Reward

Maverick is a 2013 appaloosa gelding that we purchased along with his buddy, Ruger. We started Maverick under saddle in the spring of 2015 and are looking forward to watching this horse learn and grow.

Cool Chick Hustler

Ruger is a 2013 appaloosa gelding that we purchased along with his buddy, Maverick. We started Ruger under saddle in the spring of 2015 and are looking forward to watching this horse learn and grow.

CTR Flashpoint

Flash is a 2012 Appaloosa gelding with loads of character. He is the first to greet you and loves attention. The wranglers continue to ride this gelding getting him ready for guests to ride in the future.

Love Bug
Love Bug

Love Bug is a cute little 2012 AQHA mare that we purchased from the KT Ranch. We started under saddle as a two year old and Isaac has really taken a liking to her. When you visit the ranch you are sure to see Isaac riding this little dun mare.


From time to time these great friends and co-workers that we call horses’ time on earth comes to an end. We honor some of the best of these in this Horse Hall of Fame.

Amos and Andy
Amos and Andy

This duo of gentle giants faithfully lived and worked at the ranch for many years, delighting guests on sleigh rides and wagon rides since 1991. Amos, the oldest, was born in 1982 and Andy was born in 1983. Sadly we lost Amos a few years ago but Andy is happily living out his final days in retirement here at the ranch. These Percherons are dear to the hearts of all those who have had the pleasure of meeting them at the ranch.

Unfortunately, from time to time we have a sad moment on the ranch and have to say good-buy to one of our special partners.

Bud and Velvet
Bud and Velvet

This brother-sister team of Shire cross draft horses, born in 1994, has been pulling sleighs and wagons full of guests at the ranch since 1999. The beauty and grace of this massive team will take your breath away.

Bill and Larry
Bill and Larry

This team of beautiful Belgian geldings came to the ranch the summer of 2008, thanks to the generosity of Mark Brinkmyer. These geldings are truly gentle giants and they look amazing hitched to our new wedding carriage.

J.R. Chicka Do

“J.R.” is a Palomino Quarter Horse Gelding born May 12, 1992. J.R. was purchased from Janice’s brother, Steve, as a two year old. He had not been on the ranch long before Janice and Roley’s daughter, Danielle, laid claim to him as her personal horse. Danielle and J.R. turned out to be an amazing team, teaching each other along the way. Danielle used J.R. in 4-H for 11 years, used him for lessons, and Danielle’s daughter Emily had the opportunity to ride and even show the big beautiful boy.


“Katie” is one of the most cherished horses at the ranch. She is an Appaloosa mare born on March 27, 1985 and was purchased by Roley and Janice in 1992. Since the time that she came to the ranch she has been the mother to 10 of the best horses on the ranch. She even has grandchildren who are now working as horses for our guests to ride. Katie has earned the title of “Ranch Matriarch” and a well deserved retirement that she is currently enjoying.

Will He Cowboy

“Willie” is a Paint gelding born at Janice’s brother’s ranch on 1984. He was purchased by Roley and Janice in 1987 and has been a great addition to the ranch herd ever since. Listen to what Danielle, one of the wranglers, has to say about why Willie is one of her favorite horses: “If I am headed out to move cattle, horses, or people, I can always count on Willie to get the job done right. He has got the speed, power, and agility to chase down a stray cow, but he is laid back and level headed enough to mosey down the trail with a 6 year old on his back.”


Selma came to work at the ranch with her partner Justis pulling the sleighs and wagons. They are a hard working team and really great horses to be around.

Native Chico

Registered Appaloosa gelding, Native Chico, was born in 1981 and purchased at age 17 in 1998. Native Chico was purchased for Isaac as a show and trail horse, and is now used on trail rides, youth camps, and shows. A great horse for the beginning rider. Chico was the kind of horse that never gave you any trouble and was very willing. In 2006 he was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put down. He will always be remembered.


“Checkers” is an Appaloosa mare born on April 9, 2004. She is the daughter of “D.D.” another of the ranches faithful steeds. Checkers was started by Isaac at a Pat Wyse colt breaking clinic in Montana, however soon after her return to the ranch, Danielle took over her training. Checkers went on to greener pastures during the winter of 2012.

Little Driftn Peppy

“Peppy” is a Quarter Horse gelding born April 14, 1994. Peppy was previously owned and trained by Larry Smith, who was a great horseman and mentor to many of us here at the ranch. We were so honored to have the opportunity to purchase Peppy and have enjoyed every day we have owned him. He is extremely talented, willing, will go anywhere and do anything you ask of him.

We were sad to see Peppy pass on in the winter of 2012.